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An eye care emergency is a frightening experience, since your eyes are delicate and you may fear your vision is at risk. Thankfully, the team of experienced eye doctors at Anwar Eye Center in Moundsville, West Virginia, is available for emergency appointments to treat foreign bodies, allergic reactions, injuries, and more. If you’re experiencing an eye emergency, call or get a ride to the office and the team makes every effort to fit you in.

Emergency Eye Care Q & A

How can I tell if I’m experiencing an eye emergency?

It’s an emergency if you have a foreign object in your eye, get chemicals in your eye, or experience an injury or burn in or near your eye. You may also need emergency care if you have an allergic reaction.

As a general rule, if your eyes are swollen, red, or painful, you should get medical attention right away. Symptoms of eye emergencies include:

  • Vision changes, including double vision and decreased vision
  • Burning or stinging sensations
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Difficulty moving eye
  • Bruising or bleeding around eye
  • Very watery eyes

Emergency eye care can prevent lasting damage to your eyes. Though only your doctor can determine your risk of permanent vision loss, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and you shouldn’t try to treat the problem yourself at home.

What should I avoid doing if I have an eye emergency?

An eye emergency is a frightening experience, and it’s understandable that you’d feel tempted to treat it yourself when the discomfort is overwhelming and you worry about your vision. To avoid serious complications in the event of an emergency, you should never:

  • Rub your eye
  • Apply pressure to your eye
  • Try to remove a foreign object from your eye
  • Use any tools in your eye (though cotton swabs on your eyelids are okay)
  • Apply medication or ointment to your eyeball

In the event of an emergency, the team at Anwar Eye Center accommodates you as soon as possible.   

How can I care for my eye before seeing a doctor?

Though you should never try to treat an eye emergency yourself, there are steps you can take until you see a doctor at Anwar Eye Center to reduce your risk of serious complications and get some relief of symptoms, including:

  • Flush out foreign bodies or chemicals with cool tap water for 15 minutes by tilting your head to the side, holding your eyelid open, and running the sink or shower
  • Apply a cold compress if you have a bruise, but make sure not to use pressure

You may sometimes be able to remove a small foreign body just by blinking or flushing out your eye. However, you should always seek medical attention if there’s a large foreign body in your eye, or after you get chemicals in your eye, even if you think you’ve flushed them out.

The team at Anwar Eye Center is available for emergency eye care. Call or walk in.